Schrödinger medal
  Dirac medal
  The World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (WATOC) aims to promote the field of theoretical and computational chemistry and to advance the interactions between scientists working in this field worldwide.

WATOC holds triennial Congresses to promote scientific exchange.
The next Congress will be in Santiago de Chile (October 5-10, 2014).

WATOC awards two types of medals to honor outstanding theoretical and computational chemists: the Schrödinger medal to senior scientists, and the Dirac medal to scientists under the age of 40.

Current WATOC officers
President: Walter Thiel
Vice-President: Peter Gill
Treasurer: Gernot Frenking
Communications Officer: Henry Rzepa

News (10 Dec 2013)
Mark Gordon won the 2014 Schrödinger medal.
Denis Jacquemin won the 2014 Dirac medal.

Last modified 14 January 2013