The Board is the central decision-making body of WATOC. It consists of the Schrödinger medalists (ex-officio WATOC Fellows) plus other elected members.

The Board convenes every three years on the day before the beginning of the triennial WATOC Congresses. During this meeting, it elects the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and new Board members.

Between Board meetings, decisions are made by email. The Board selects the annual medalists and the site of the next triennial Congress by electronic ballot.

WATOC Fellows Elected Board members
N. L. Allinger  Y. Apeloig
E. J. Baerends  R. J. Boyd
R. J. Bartlett P. Carsky
A. D. Becke O. Eisenstein
E. Clementi  K. Fan
E. R. Davidson  A. Ford
G. Frenking T. Helgaker
P. M. Gill  E. D. Jemmis
M. Gordon B. Jeziorski
S. Grimme K. S. Kim
R. Hoffmann E. Kraka
K. N. Houk A. Krylov
W. Kutzelnigg S. Li
J. Michl F. Manby
K. Morokuma B. Mennucci
M. Parrinello H. Nakai
P. Pulay M. Nascimento
P. Pyykkö U. Röthlisberger
L. Radom P. Schreiner
H. F. Schaefer R. B. Sunoj
H. Schwarz S. Ten-no
S. Shaik A. Toro-Labbé
W. Thiel  M. Urban
D. G. Truhlar Y.-D. Wu
  M. Yañez

List of previous and current Board members

Obituaries for deceased WATOC Fellows


Raymond Daudel          

1920 – 2006

Michael Dewar 

1918 – 1997

Kenichi Fukui                     

1918 – 1998

Nicholas C. Handy (see here and here)              

1941 – 2012

William N. Lipscomb           

1919 – 2011

Per-Olov Löwdin                

1916 – 2000

John A. Pople                    

1925 – 2004

Camille Sandorfy               

1925 – 2006

Paul Schleyer (see here and here)

1930 – 2014

Tom Ziegler (see here and here)

1945 – 2015
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