The Board is the central decision-making body of WATOC. It consists of the Schrödinger medalists (ex-officio WATOC Fellows) plus other elected members.

The Board convenes every three years on the day before the beginning of the triennial WATOC Congresses. During this meeting, it elects the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and new Board members.

Between Board meetings, decisions are made by email. The Board selects the annual medalists and the site of the next triennial Congress by electronic ballot.

WATOC Fellows Elected Board members
N. L. Allinger  Y. Apeloig
E. J. Baerends  R. J. Boyd
R. J. Bartlett P. Carsky
A. D. Becke O. Eisenstein
E. Clementi  K. Fan
E. R. Davidson  A. Ford
G. Frenking T. Helgaker
P. M. Gill  E. D. Jemmis
M. Gordon B. Jeziorski
S. Grimme K. S. Kim
R. Hoffmann E. Kraka
K. N. Houk A. Krylov
W. Kutzelnigg S. Li
J. Michl F. Manby
K. Morokuma B. Mennucci
M. Parrinello H. Nakai
P. Pulay M. Nascimento
P. Pyykkö U. Röthlisberger
L. Radom P. Schreiner
S. Shaik R. B. Sunoj
H. F. Schaefer  S. Ten-no
P. v. R. Schleyer A. Toro-Labbe
W. Thiel  M. Urban
D. G. Truhlar Y.-D. Wu
T. Ziegler M. Yañez

Past WATOC Fellows

It is with great sadness that we heard of the death of Nick Handy on 2 October 2012 after a long illness. His magnificent contributions to the field of theoretical and computational chemistry were known to everyone associated with WATOC, and he will be greatly missed.

Last modified 18 December 2012